Most of us understand that equine veterinarians do not practice veterinary science in a vacuum devoid of economic consideration. However, from a medical standpoint, treatment decisions should always be made with the health and welfare of the horse (and rider) as the uppermos...
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Not all hydrogels are the same

November 12, 2020
In 2011, Narin’s and Schmitd(1) published an article titled 'Polyacrylamide differences; Getting rid of the confusion'. The article outlined the significant differences between the numerous polyacrylamide hydrogels (PAAG) available. Polymer hydrogels have been used for man...
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Dr Jason Lowe BVSc Cert EP. Cambridge, New Zealand – 29 July 2020 Equine veterinarians have a range of options to treat lameness in horses caused by osteoarthritis (OA) and practitioners use all means at their disposal to ensure horses are exposed to the absolute least amo...
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Equine Lameness

During my time as an equine veterinarian I was constantly dealing with lame horses. In fact, lameness accounts for one of the most common reasons for veterinary call outs and costs thousands in poor performance, lost training days, and emotional anguish from frustrated owner...
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