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Novel treatment for arthritis may improve horse welfare & reduce wastage in racing

Dr Jason Lowe BVSc Cert EP. Cambridge, New Zealand – 29 July 2020 Equine veterinarians have a range of options to treat lameness in horses caused by osteoarthritis (OA) and practitioners use all means at their disposal to ensure horses are exposed to the absolute least amount of discomfort and pain, and potential for injury, while under their care.  Intra-articular (IA) corticosteroid administration is one of the most commonly used treatments, employed principally for their immediate and ...

August 11, 2020

Innovation in the Treatment of Equine Lameness

During my time as an equine veterinarian I was constantly dealing with lame horses. In fact, lameness accounts for one of the most common reasons for veterinary call outs and costs thousands in poor performance, lost training days, and emotional anguish from frustrated owners, not to mention the welfare implications for the horses. Approximately 60% of all equine lameness is due to arthritis, or inflammation of the joints and because of this there is a high level of motivation and investmen...

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