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Arthramid Vet White Paper

Dr Jason Lowe


A keen interest in business led to completing an MBA at Waikato University whilst working as an equine veterinarian. Establishing IMS Vet to distribute niche products for equine vets.

Dr Leigh de Clifford


Born and raised in rural Australia, Leigh grew up around racing, rodeo and camp drafting. Leigh is now a shareholder and senior equine clinician at Matamata Veterinary Services, New Zealand. 

Our Passion

Equine Health

IMS Vet is well-positioned as a key leader in researching, developing and promoting innovative products for the equine veterinary market created around a small but dedicated team of passionate people. The IMS Vet team share the same outstanding passion for the equine veterinary industry and their clients.

Innovative Medical Solutions

Arthramid Vet White Paper

Get your copy of our 24 page white paper covering Treatment of Joint Lameness, Pathophysiology, Manufacturing, Mechanism of Action, Clinical Safety and Putting it into Practice.

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Racing Thoroughbreds

Efficacy of 2.5% PAAG Hydrogel 

Reasons for performing the study:

Intra-articular administration of a 2.5% polyacrylamide hydrogel (PAAG- Arthramid Vet) is shown to reduce or abolish lameness in distal interphalangeal (coffin) and metacarpo/ metatarso- phalangeal (fetlock) joints in horses undertaking equestrian disciplines. To date there have been no studies evaluating its’ efficacy in inter-carpal (knee) joints of racehorses conducted at an acceptable standard.


To investigate the efficacy of a 2.5% PAAG (Arthramid Vet) in the management of inter-carpal joint lameness in racing Thoroughbreds.

Study design: 

Prospective double-blinded positive-control study.


What We Can Do For You

Since 2016 we have been helping horse owners, veterinary practitioners, and trainers provide a high standard of care for their racing and show horses. Since its introduction, Arthramid Vet has formed a loyal following who consistently see positive results for the horses.

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Dr Kim Mckellar

I have been using Arthramid Vet for 4 years treating TB’s, SB’s and equestrian horses. 90% of my work is lameness identification and treatment. I have injected over 600 joints with Arthramid Vet and have experienced no side effects… (read more)


Dr Marcus Allan

I manage horses that compete in a variety of disciplines with owner ability ranging from novice to professional…(read more)


Dr Marc Koene

I was one of the first vets to use Arthramid worldwide and have now used Arthramid for over 10 years in our clinic…(read more)

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